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Visual Journals:   Life, interpreted visually.

......A What?  A Visual Journal Collaborative is a round robin experience where each participant will begin a visual journal and mail it to the next person on the list.  Each person will have 3-4 weeks to work in a book before mailing it to the next person.  After a year, your book will back to you full of the inspiration, messages, creativity and amazing art of 13 other people!  I am selecting 13 people other than me because someone may drop out....  I have done this before and was bitterly disappointed at ONE person who ruined it for everyone else.  If you want to participate, I ask that you PLEASE be willing to follow the rules.

What are the rules?  Pretty simple:

1.  Never ever be late mailing a book to the next person on the list.  If you haven't had time to work in it, don't hang on to it!  Someone is waiting for a book to arrive.  If you haven't done anything just mail it on.  I'm sure we'd all rather that one book have a little less in it than have one person mess it up for everyone.
2.  Follow the directions in the book that the owner has left in the inside cover.  Each participant will decide if they want their book to  have a theme that they want participants to follow or not. (This can be a visual or conceptual theme: Black/White,  Journey,  Faith, Discovery,  Growth, etc., or.... participants may choose to simply not have a theme at all!)
3.  Do your best to be neat and make a great effort.  You'll want the others to be doing great things in your book, too!

My journal is about 6 x 8"- I get a black hard cover Canson from Barnes and Noble.  It is small enough to be non-threatening and will also not be too big that people won't have time to work.  But you can get whatever type you want!  :)

We will all keep in touch with each other via a Google Doc.  All addresses and phone numbers will be stored on the Google Doc.  You should purchase your book, decide on a theme, work on the cover and first few pages, and ready to mail it out by Valentine's Day.  You may also decide to let someone else do your cover if you want.  

I hope you are excited and want to join me on this year-long adventure!  I'm looking forward to creativity, collaboration and to exciting packages arriving in the mail box!

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